Jul 262017

DYNOeDeuce – BBSHD – Current project.

The image is a bit grainy because it’s a mock up of 3 different layers and a tracing paper overlay. The bike is a GT DYNO Deuce. Check out the cool lines of the seat and chain stays – so lovely – elegant even.

My new eBike project the GT DYNOeDeuce. The bike is the quintessential SoCal cruiser – designed in Santa Anna in the late 1990’s.

This version sports custom triple crown forks. I will add disc brakes, clipons, lights and horn, and that fabulous BBSHD electric motor kit and 52v 13.5ah lithium battery. More traditional seat with a black seat post, or a cafe racer seat.

The hand crafted “body work” will be black anodized 6061 T6 aluminum. The lights and horn will make it street legal as a motor vehicle – because it’s FAST.

Apr 132017

eCortina V4 – BBSHD and 52V 17.5 ah battery.

Oct 312014

Got the final chain drive set up and the chain line aligned. The disc brake is also set up and aligned. This is a milestone as all the major drive issues are resolved. Still need to do some fine tuning but it’s detail stuff that is important but known. Now it’s onto the electrics for this bike. I am hoping to do a fully belt drive for the other bike – hoping this will be resolved in the next several weeks.






Apr 182014

I completed the extension of the speed sensor wiring and put both the sensor wire and battery into an attractive sheath. So the TerraTrike Tandem is complete and running great. Here is a pic of the BBS02 on the bike:


Apr 142014

I completed the motor mounts for the Bixby, Dyno needs just a bit more work to round off the motor mount clamps. The Bixby frame has a slightly larger triangle, just large enough to require a deviation from the Dyno for the down tube clamp. Also completed was the key way broaching of the timing pulleys, thanks to my friend Don, who provided the press needed to drive the broach through the pulleys. Note the 8mm timing belt mounted on the pulleys for fitting. The pulley on the Transmag 532 motor needs to be completed and the belt also needs to be cut down from 30mm wide to 20mm for this application.



Apr 082014

I recently did two BBS02 installations: One on a TerraTrike Tandem and the other on an Electra Townie. Both installs were relatively easy considering they were my first. The Townie install went quite fast at under 3 hours including the making of a battery to motor cable. The tandem install was a bit more involved because the spread of the handle bars and the position of the display exceeded the length of the provided harness. I made alterations to the harness to allow for these conditions. I finally decided to use Cat3 or Ethernet cable to make the modifications to the harness.

Mar 072013

See the eTownie and eCortina at the Oxnard “A” Street Car Show on Saturday, March 9, 2013 | 1 p.m. to 5 p.m.

Find my electric bicycles on the 300 or 400 block of South “A” Street, Downtown Oxnard

The eTownie is your luxury eBike ride – sweet as can be – you come away with that now famous eGRIN!
The eCortina, my eBike hot rod, is a real hand full. It has seen about 3 major variations over the last several years. Topping out at over 50mph in one previous incarnation, it is currently geared for over 4omph. Careful now or the front wheel WILL head for the moon.

Presented in association with The Murphy Auto Museum. Featuring classic and specialty cars from a variety of eras. Downtown restaurants will be offering special “to go” foods you can take along while you walk along A Street viewing the cars.

This event is open free to the public.

Sep 222012

Today I completed the eTownie, a geared hub motor eBike. I never thought I would build a hub motor eBike…but…I did and it’s stunning. Click the eTownie link above for more photos and info. I can make one for you.

Electric Electra Townie or eTownie

Electric Electra Townie or eTownie