Fitting a 1-1/8″ suspension fork into the 1″ Dyno Glide frame


I modified the inner diameter of the lower bearing race that came with the frame.

The larger diameter of the 1-1/8″ steerer tube is too large to fit inside the bottom bearing race. I ground off the inner face of the bottom bearing race to accommodate the taper of the 1-1/8″ steerer tube. This allowed for the 1-1/8″ tube to fully seat into the head tube without binding.

The lower caged ball bearing did not fit because the balls are too large for the larger diameter of the 1-1/8″ bottom bearing race. I used 1/8″ loose ball bearings, lots of ’em, to complete the task. I lubed up the bearing cone and carefully installed the new 1/8″ balls in place.

Not much to see with a photo…but when I take the frame apart for powder coating I will take a few pics.