eDYNO Deuce


The image is a bit grainy because it’s a mock up of 3 different layers and a tracing paper overlay. The bike is a GT DYNO Deuce.

Check out the cool lines of the seat and chain stays – so lovely – elegant even.

I now have most of the kit of parts for this bad-boy. BBSHD and 52v Dolphin GA 13.5 ah battery pack.

The new eBike project the GT eDYNO eDeuce. The bike is the quintessential SoCal cruiser – designed in Santa Ana in the late 1990’s.
This version sports custom triple crown Jr-T forks. I will add disc brakes, clip-on’s, lights and horn, and that fabulous BBSHD electric motor kit and 52v 13.5ah lithium battery. More traditional seat with a black seat post, or a cafe racer seat.
The hand crafted battery side covers, the “body work”, will be black anodized 6061-T6 aluminum.
The pics below show the eccentric bottom bracket adapters I made because the BBSHD will not fit properly in the bottom bracket shell without moving the center line of the bottom bracket towards the edge of the shell. Some builders have carved away at the motor unit to get the needed clearance – but I did not want to do that and thus the eccentric adapters.
I was originally going to mount the battery behind the seat post but it is too long.  The new plan is to mount it in front of the seat post. I have a template made up and will transfer the pattern to the 6061 side plates.
The most recent photos are of a pattern for the side plates that will cover the battery and wiring. The battery mounting plate and seat tube clamps are shown below. The battery mounting plate will support the side plates with 3/4 inch 6061 angle. 
Note, the 180mm brake rotor and the hydraulic calipers are mounted on the forks.