Updates – 9.26.2017 – Dyno Electric


Running! Gave it a short ride up and down the block and it pulls strongly in 1st gear.

Got the smallest possible sprocket for theRXL-RD5 IGH – 17 teeth. And a 48 tooth Luna Eclipse chainring. Want to gear the bike for more top-end…but will make adjustments to the chainring as necessary. No reason not to allow the motor to fully wind out in top gear.

Do not be concerned about all the loose zip ties – still working on getting all the wiring and cables into their final position. Also, the stem will hold a short bar for the dashboard. The frame has been cold set at the dropouts to accommodate the 135mm Sturmey Archer RXL-RD5 5 speed IGH. Set up the dashboard for the right wheel size and a few other customizations.

Still to come are the side plates that will cover the battery and that part of the “triangle” where the battery lives.