The BBS02 mid drive installation into my Townie D7 took about 4 hours including making up a special battery cable. This is my second BBS02 install and it’s the special wiring and mounting the battery that takes all the time. Removing the BB and then installing the motor, exchanging out the brake levers, installing the throttle and the wiring harness and speed sensor does not take long. Luckily I had the battery mount system already fabricated for a previous project so this was a bolt on job.

What a great system!, goes in like a dream and rides really fine, much better than the clone geared hub motor I have in a similar Townie. It’s the cats meow of electric bicycle kits.

I still have to do a bit of tidying up of the wire harness and check that the BB nuts are tight – the usual stuff. I have the display set for 0 to 5 and find that 2 is about right to give me some exercise with a bit of boost – it’s a sweet ride. The Townie has a 7 speed derailleur at the hub with a single chain ring at the BB. Did not even have to extend the chain.


BBS02 with new lithium battery.








Townie-2014_8013  Townie-2014_8015  Townie-2014_8017