EV Global SX 36v


Lee Iacocca’s EV Global eBike SX 36v Electric Bicycle

I acquired this early Lee Iacocca eBike in surprisingly good condition. It’s the SX model with the triple clamp front fork set and front disk brake. The bike, manufactured in December of 2000, actually has a VIN number!

The strong purpose built frame is chrome molly steel. There is a power/energy saving switch and the brake light is activated by the brake levers. It has a 36v (very heavy lead acid) battery. A bright headlight and horn are part of the feature set. The motor, which sings as one goes faster, is louder than I like.

For it’s time it is a very sweet electric bike. I think, that because only now we are seeing eBike sales accelerating in the US market, Iacocca’s machine was way ahead of it’s time.

I will most likely leave it as it is, maybe it’s a classic to be…though I’m tempted to replace the original brushed motor with a 9C, direct drive brushless permanent magnet, motor and controller to match. And replace the 36v lead batteries with 48v lithium.

The EV Global SX 36v is for sale – $1,250