See the Townie with the mid drive BBS02 motor kit.

Electric Townie – Electric Townie – Electric Cruiser. Geared hub motor with 48v-10Ah Lithium battery.

The eTownie is a fantastic looking fun electric cruiser bicycle. Just what I always wanted in an eBike. If you are interested in your own eTownie click the contact link above. I can make one for you.

The eTownie bike has a 48v x 10Ah Lithium battery. 48 x 10 = 480Wh x .8 = 384Wh. This bike is getting about 15Wh per mile so 384Wh /15Wh per mile = 25.5 miles and with some hybrid human assist will go 40 or so miles at 15 mph.

The eTownie uses a conventional geared hub motor. It also has a Cycle Analyst for monitoring battery life and bike speed, a Thudbuster seat post for that extra plush ride, and Maxxis Hookworm tires with heavy duty inner tubes.

I sold this eBike to make room for my new BBS02 electric Townie. See links above.

Electric Townie Drive Side


Electric Townie Left Side


Electric Townie Geared Hub Motor


Electric Townie Battery Mounting Drive Side


Electric Townie Battery Mounting Left Side