The eTownie is born!

Today I completed the eTownie, a geared hub motor eBike. I never thought I would build a hub motor eBike…but…I did and it’s stunning. Click the eTownie link above for more photos and info. I can make one for you.

New Project: eCruiser

My new project features a new drive system of my design and a cruiser frame. To see build progress, click the photos link above. The new Turnigy motor will be rewound to make it easier on the controller. Should be a reliable stable mid performance eBike. More as I move through this build.

Earth Day Success

Oxnard Earth Day was a great success for the eCortina. Many people stopped by and paid copious compliments to the design, creativity and workmanship. I was especially pleased to see friends and family support my efforts. All in all a very satisfying event and the official public debut of the eCortina. Many thanks to City…

Earth Day – Deadline Day

My commitment to myself was to finish my latest electric vehicle project, the eCortina v2, by Earth Day. This is the second time I have used Earth Day as motivation to get an electric vehicle project completed. In 2008 my friend Sri and I set out to do a electric motorcycle conversion but were just…