79cc HF Governor Removal
79cc Performance Parts
Scotto’s 212cc Predator Felt Build
Scotto’s 99cc Predator Dyno Build

BMW Cafe Racer

Motorbike with dbl springer forks and fairing. This is the frame with the top tube as tank.

Custom Honda Cub

212cc Predator engine in Felt cruiser frame…same frame we have.

212cc Predator in Dyno frame…I have one of these frames that can be used for our project.

Sportsman motorbikes. 212cc I think.

Sportsman motorbikes. 2 stroke.

Motor mounted to frame with alu clamps and jackshaft. Not sure if it’s 79cc or 212cc?

Just for fun.

Sketch I did for fairing on a Dyno bike.

Chrome Dyno cruiser.

79cc OHV Predator 4 stroke engine.

79cc mounted upright. I like this system. Not sure it will fit the frame.

This is the engine mounted in frame with tank as top tube. I like the above mount system better.

End for now.