eTownie - October 2012

Electra Townie :: eTownie<br> 400W Geared Hub Motor<br> 48v 10Ah Battery<br> Sensored Controller<br><br> eGrins all over the place. This is a sweet running eBike. Everyone that sees this bike loves it, and everyone that rides it, wants one.<br><br> The eTownie uses a conventional geared hub motor. It also has a Cycle Analyst for monitoring battery life and bike speed, a Thudbuster seat post for that extra plush ride, and Maxxis Hookworm tires with heavy duty inner tubes.

More eCruiser - July 2012

bicycle: Trek Pure<br> motor: Turnigy 80x85 - custom rewind<br> battery: 48v - 20Ah<br> controller: Lyen<br><br> Working on getting the design of the spine. I tend to build a 1/8\" aluminum spine in the triangle area to mount the batteries and electronics. On this project I think I will cover the triangle area with a composite shell.

eCortina V3 - June 2012

bicycle: Cortina Triton DS<br> motor: Turnigy 8085<br> battery: 48v - 10Ah<br> controller: Lyen<br><br> Probably the last eCortina. I made a new motor plate and mount system for the Turnigy 8085 Motor. The controller and batteries are the same as I previously used.<br><br> I went back to a belt for the first stage reduction, but this time I went with a 25mm belt, up from 15mm used previously. I also designed and created a tensioner to get more belt wrap around the motor pulley.

eCruiser - June 2012

bicycle: Trek Pure<br> motor: Turnigy 80x85 - custom rewind<br> battery: 48v - 20Ah<br> controller: HV ICE 160<br><br> New motor drive system on a Trek Pure aluminum frame cruiser. Will mount the batteries and electronics in the triangle above the drive system. Pictures show 80x100 motor.

eCortina - Black Anodize - 2011

bicycle: Cortina Triton DS<br> motor: Astroflite 3220<br> battery: 48v - 10Ah<br> controller: HV ICE 160<br><br> The eCortina is a strong, powerful and reliable electric bicycle. I created the bike over about 3 months in early 2011 with Earth Day in Oxnard as my deadline.

eCortina @ Oxnard Earth Day 2011

The eCortina electric bike at the Oxnard Earth Day 2011. The electric bicycle is running and complete but there are a few issues remaining, like black anodizing some of the parts, and final adjustment of the torque-limiter clutch.

eCortina v2 - 2011

Progress photos of the eCortina electric bicycle in various stages of completion.

eCortina Triton DS v1 - 2009

This is the original eCortina, the v1 version. My first electric bicycle. The motor is much smaller, the batteries are in a pack behind the seat post and over the rear wheel, and this first electric bike project had a very different drive system concept.